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Seth , Hope and Faith

Welcome to our Eden Standard Poodles web site!

Our October Litter of puppies are all sold. They are all settled in their new homes. Two are living in Raliegh N.C., one is living in Charleston, S.C., and the last one is living in Asheville, N.C. We are expecting a new black litter in January. Click here for details.

All of Eden's beautiful Standard Poodles are AKC or CKC registered.  We offer AKC and CKC registered  Standard Poodle puppies for sale,we also have a beautiful black male Standard poodle for stud, and a beautiful Blue CKC Standard Poodle Male for stud. We occasionally have adults for sale or for adoption. At Eden we breed our Standard Poodles for good health, wonderful tempearments, super intelligence, and excellent conformation. We have show quality dogs at pet quality prices. We specialize in Black Standard Poodles, but on occasion we have apricot, cream, and blue.  We offer a two year limited health guarantee with our puppies. We are located near Atlanta, Georgia. About 10 minutes from Stone Mountain Park. Shipping is also available upon request.





The Standard Poodle has a life span of approximately 14-15 years. The key to having a healthy dog is to buy a healthy puppy. It is important to find a breeder that breeds only healthy Dams and Sires. It is also important to make sure that they do not have too many common ancestors in their pedigrees.  Most reputable poodle breeders select their breeding stock by pedigrees. It is also important to get a health certificate and health guarantee with your new Standard Poodle puppy.


 Standard Poodles are one of the best picks for people with allergies. The poodle has a wool coat and does not have near the amount of dander that other breeds have. The poodle has a very small amount of shedding.


Standard Poodles rank second in intelligence of all the dog breeds today. They are fast learners and have a passion for fun. The Standard poodle has been used for service dogs for many years. They were bred in Germany as water retrievers. They make excellent gun dogs and love to hunt. Many owners love to train them in agility and in Obedience. The Standard Poodle loves children and is very protective of the family. They also require less structured exercise than most of the larger breeds of dogs. They will take a jog with their owner or be content to lay by them for hours.


Standard Poodles are the largest of the poodle breed. Their size can range from 15 inches at the shoulder to 30 inches or better. They weigh from 35lbs to over 100lbs. They have a very sturdy body and should be square.


Standard Poodles come in a variety of colors. Black, chocolate, blue, white, silver, apricot and cream is just to name a few. Solid colors are preferred.


Standard Poodles require regular grooming and brushing. Clipping should be done about every 4 to 6 weeks. It is very important to train them young to love the grooming process.  Most all Standards enjoy the time spent brushing and combing them. The nails and ears should be tended to on a monthly basis also.



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